Photography Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book a session

A. You can click the floating button to check my availability or reach out to me on instagram, email or my contact form

What times are available each day?

A. I'm available from 9-6 for shoots, working around my school schedule. I recommend dusk and dawn for the best lighting during your session.

What if I have to reschedule?

A. I understand firsthand the busy life of a student. I'll do my best to reschedule you to a later date. Reach out. to me as soon as there is conflict of interest so I can be as accommodating as I can to you and others requesting my services .

Can I book a second session?

A. YES! In fact, I offer specials for individual sessions if you've previously scheduled a group session with me.

Can I schedule my shoot somewhere off campus?

A. I'll try to work with you to get your dream grad photo shoot. reach out to me with your request and ill do my best to make it happen.


How do I prepare for my grad shoot?

A. Check out the guide section for a comprehensive list of ways to prepare

How do I choose which locations I want?

A. I'll send you a form shortly after you schedule a session with me to hash out the details. you can pick out your desired locations there.

Can I extend my session time?

A. If there are no scheduled sessions after your time, extending it is easy.Otherwise, reach out to me at least 2 days before to reschedule to a later time with more availability.

Can I bring my pet?

A. of course! I love furry friends!

Can I bring my parents?

A. Yes of course!

Can I bring an extra outfit?

A. Yes, your session allows for at least 1 outfit change.

What if the weather is bad?

A. I'll double check the weather 48 hours before our appointment. We'll reschedule in the event its rainy.

During the Shoot

DO you give directions on posing?

A. Yes! I have some examples on the guide section to inspire you but I'll always demonstrate poses on location and guide you throughout the shoot

How long do we stay at each location?

A. This honestly depends on how crowded each location is. I try my best to capture as many photos possible at each location even with the wait but allocate at least about 30 mins to each spot.

do you play music during the sessions?

A. I like creating a fun environment and will ask you for your preference for music before the session.

Will you show me photos on your camera during the session?

A. I'll do my best to show you some shots during the shoot but to save time, I'll only show you the highlights.

Post Shoot

When will I get my photos back?

A. My aim to have my turnaround time to be around 1-2 weeks from the date of the session.

How will I get the photos?

A. You will get a link to a professional gallery with your photos via email and text.

Can I choose which photos get edited?

A. Part of being a photographer is to go curate a gallery for you. an average session has anywhere between 500-1000 photos. imagine going through all of that. I'll choose the best ones though fret not.

Can you edit my photos a certain way?

A. I try to maintain a consistent style among all my grad pics. check out my portfolio to see what that's like.

Do you retouch photos?

A. I love maintaining a natural look. If you have any particular requests, let me know ahead of time.

Do you send out the raw, unedited photos?

A. No. RAW files are extremely large and considered to be unfinished product. I'll send you a full online gallery with the finished pictures so you don't have to worry about any editing

What's your editing process?

A. I'll go through all the photos and select the best ones. Then I'll edit your photos using image processing software like Lightroom and Photoshop.

I loved a particular picture, do you offer prints?

A. Yes! you can select a variety of prints from the client gallery sent to you after the shoot.