Graduation Guide

Whats the deal with champagne bottles?

Popping champagne is a time honored tradition at graduation. Here are some tips to make this ceremony as fun and aesthetic as possible. 

When in comes to choosing a champagne bottle, cork or twist off doesn’t matter, both work great and I’ll get to why that is in a second. Brand doesn’t matter either. Korbel, Cooks, and André are cheap options that you can find at the store. I recommend Costco if you have a membership.I do recommend getting actual champagne rather than cider though. From my experience, there tends to be more carbonation inside a champagne bottle compared to cider.

So why doesn’t the bottle type matter? Well, you’re not actually popping the bottle. Its a common misconception that you shake the bottle and pop the cork. Here’s what you do: 

  1. Remove the cork or cap from the bottle.
  2. Cover the spout of the bottle with your thumb to keep the bubbles in.
  3. Wait for me to give your the okay. I need to make sure my camera settings are good to go before you actually start shaking.
  4. When you’re ready, hold the bottle from the bottom and leave a little bit of space between your thumb and the spout. Then you’ll shake as hard as you can!
  5. After there’s no more fizz left in the bottle, take some photos with the bottle. You can hold the bottle in air and if you have friends, you can clink bottles together.
  6. That’s that! Easy peasy