The Poses

Graduation Guide

The camera can be intimidating. I get how hard it can be to come up with poses and ideas for your grad pcs on the spot but worry not, I’m here to help. We’ll talk a little bit before about what angles you prefer and go over some preliminary poses. For now, let me walk you through the classic poses I'll be using on our shoot day!

The over the shoulder.

  1. Face away from the camera and put your right foot forward and left foot back. This will give you a lot more leverage when you’re turning towards the camera rather than putting your feet together.
  2. Fold your stole in half to show off one side of the stole. Grab your stole with your left hand and put it over your left shoulder.
  3. Rotate your chest to the 10 o’clock position and rotate your neck (without straining) towards the camera.

The gown shot.

  1. Drape the gown over the shoulder. Then have have someone “hook” the stole onto one of your fingers.
  2. The other hand could be holding the cap with the top part facing outwards.
  3. Bring your chest to the 10 o’clock position, and without straining, rotate your neck towards the camera.

The cap throw.

  1. Hold your cap in one hand at the corner and bring that arm right next your waist.
  2. Bring your arm all the way to the very top and throw the cap in the air. You kind of want to toss and flip the cap at the same time when you release it, and you’ll want to do this at forcefully as you can.
  • Optional: Add a little leg kick to make your photos more dynamic.
  1. Leave your arm up in the air and wait for the cap to hit the ground.
  • If you immediately put your arm down after throwing, the photo will look really awkward. It will look like there’s a floating cap in the photo.
  1. I like to do this shot two ways: one where you’re looking directly at the camera and another where you’re looking up at the cap as you’re throwing it.

the cap raise.

  1. Grab your cap with one hand and hold it at the very corner.
  2. Then, raise your cap in the air and make sure to show off the top of the cap.
  3. As you’re doing that, you’ll want to add a leg kick so you’re not just standing there.

the cross-legged sit.

  1. Sit down and point your knees out to the side. 
  2. Make sure your legs are crossed at your thighs. Crossing at you ankles works as well.
  3. Put one hand on your knee and the other directly behind you.
  4. Also, make sure that both parts of your stole are visible. So, move both parts to one side of your body.

The Laying on the grass

  1. Sit down on the grass and point your knees out to the side. 
  2. Face one shoulder towards the camera and one away
  3. put one hand on the floor and the other on your knee or holding your stole
  4. make sure the lettering can be seen